Night of the Full Moon
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Night of the Full Moon


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New Class "Werewolf"

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Willing to adulthood we still remember the beginning of the heart, like Little Red Riding Hood as brave and warm
No matter how dark the way forward, never give up my heart so that you can finally pursue the light.
On the full moon night, reunite with your grandmother.
For the candlelight of the years, for a good ending

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"Night of the Full Moon" is a stand-alone card game. There is no mandatory beginners guide, no internet connection, no brush map, no ten strokes. The plot will be played in the card battle. Each NPC and BOSS are given a mission and a temperament. Different choices will bring different endings.

In order to find the missing grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood went alone to the Black Forest, where it was always dark and night. She is about to face the guardian of the forest elves, the ferocious werewolf, the sedentary witch, the strange villagers and the truth that slowly surfaced...
On the full moon night, the mysterious veil of the Black Forest will be unveiled one by one...

* Mild strategy turn-based card battle
* Five occupations, more than 400 cards free to match
* Ninety-two mysterious opponents await your challenge
* Randomly trigger unknown events during the adventure
* Multiple plot options that affect your reputation and courage

What's new

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A Festival Update
April Fool’s Day is about to come. Here we make a new festival card for each character. You can get them during normal playthrough. But, why do these cards look so weird?

B Experience Optimization
2.1 Newly adds the toggle feature for themed cover. Now you can toggle the collector edition cover manually.
2.2 Changes the priorities of the combination of Knight Skill and Rally Horn.
2.3 Fixed visual bug of Man in a Flask

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  • 0.18 hrs on record

    This is a great card game which adds rouge-like elements, the map is random, enemy, cards, and items everything is random to make your destiny unpredictable.

    It reminds me with the famous PC indie game "Slay the Spire", with its huge success, the "Nigh of the Full Moon" has its own theme based on "Little Red Riding Hood", the little red needs to find her granny, with a tough road full of enemies and ambush. Little Red Riding Hood can be Knight、Ranger、Nun and Little Witch, different class has different deck, with different skills and difficulty. (There is an paid expansion with 3 new classes: Magician, Apothecary and Werewolf)

    In fact, to clear all stage is not that difficult, however, try to challenge with different classes, on hard difficulty and even more level on top of hard, hard 1 (tier 1), hard 2 (tier 2)...etc will be much more interesting.

    Excellent illustration with some hand-drawn style, darkness style background and mysterious style of BGM is enjoyable. Full mark of this game and recommend to everyone regardless of age and sex!

    • Thanks a lot for your recommendation. will keep improving this game.

  • 游戏不错,内容丰富,可是在描述上却有些问题,回合开始,战斗开始,未能统一,这都不算是问题,主要问题还是祝福中,每回合触发,还是仅仅第一个回合开始时触发,并未能统一描述,以至于部分祝福阐述模糊不清无法判断到底是仅仅发动一次还是每回合均发动。希望月圆之夜能够将祝福描述中的非修饰术语统一,例如战斗开始,回合开始,诸如此类。

  • 好游戏,真心推荐。几乎每个职业都玩通了,就是想看看最后有没有隐藏结局。

    • 感謝您的支持,我們會繼續努力~

  • 小紅帽惡夢第三關 怎么打啊???


    升級不會滿血 少一點 沒補血的就gg

    • 大老可以在論壇發文求助下

  • 好玩,昨天玩了一整晚没睡,全部职业试过了,就有点闷了

    • 遊戲好玩也要注意休息哈~


  • 1,不要見牌就拿。隨便拿卡會嚴重影響卡組流暢度。太多單卡會使你摸到key牌機率變低,導致卡組質量下降。你可能會說我多拿幾張key就沒事了。但是像小女巫等職業,過多的牌組會導致大量的資源被浪費(比如說藍),並且因為卡組過於累贅導致傷害不高。 ? ? ?2,前期留牌。前期將一些垃圾卡留在手裡不打出去,使其不進入卡組循環從而提高回合均傷。經常有萌新說自己打不過第一章boss,這時候只要留牌,基礎卡組過第

  • 喲!大家好這裡是墨元素(≧?≦)/ 上期給大家帶來了收藏家。 /topic/4027578 這期將給大家帶來新角色——花匠! (什麼?你問潛行者呢,不好意思,潛行者懶得寫了_(:з」∠)_) ?小紅帽只是想安安靜靜地種個花過個輕鬆的生活,但是突然有一天外婆失踪了,小紅帽不得不帶上了隔壁大叔送的植物種子,深入到危險的黑森林去尋找外婆。 特點:當小紅帽擁有植

  • 大家好,我是終於倒過了時差的小紅帽: 轉眼間,激動人心的東海岸遊戲盛典PAX EAST已經落下了帷幕。 小紅帽想要和大家分享一下本次展會的精彩瞬間▼ 展會終於開始了,快找找小紅帽在哪裡等著大家? 試玩展台前大家熱情高漲,黑森林的各位怪物瑟瑟發抖。 小彩蛋:大家從這張圖中發現了什麼呢? 小紅帽×小紅帽,會發生什麼奇妙的化學反應呢? 在月圓之夜的試玩區現場,本小紅帽遇到了好幾個「小紅帽」。經過一番簡單

  • 大家好,我是疑惑的小红帽: 满月的这个夜晚,遵从最初的指导小红帽照例在月光下修习魔法。 却未曾料到曾经的魔法指导者女巫早已等候于此。 透过她的预言水晶球,小红帽隐约看到了一些模糊的景象,它们究竟预示着什么? (同人图投稿自:淇喵) ?? 不用着急,亲爱的卡牌大师,未(ba)来(yue)我们总会相遇的。 >>>沉睡的发条骑士<<< 水晶球中出现的第一个景象是看起来仿佛玩具大小穿着闪亮铠甲的骑士,起伏















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